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Zero Gravity Racks was born from people who love to play, for people who love to play.  Founder and CEO, Mark Canavarro, along with Product Designer and son Nick Canvarro, are both California kids.  They are always on the go, always at play, always planning their next outdoor adventure.

But these excursions come with one problem: a lot of crap. Snowboards, skis, kayaks, giant SUP boards, multiple surf boards, different types of bikes. Each easy to love, none easy to store.

One day, while climbing through the obstacle course that is his garage, Mark had a revelation. He looked up at the ceiling and said “It’s empty.” What if there was a way to take advantage of all that empty space up high? He peered over to his neighbor’s open garage door and saw the same problem; bikes laying scattered, surfboards propped up against walls. He knew it was time to get it work.

The result is the Zero Gravity Rack. Our rack utilizes a patented gas strut technology to help you effortlessly store your gear in high places while keeping it secure and protected. Whether you’re ready to park your car in the garage again, or simply clear a little clutter, the Zero Gravity Rack lets you have your fun and take back your space!

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