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Five Ways to Use Your Stand Up Paddle Board or SUP

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You buy a bike, you know exactly what you’re getting. Same with a pair of ski’s, snowboard, even a surfboard. However, when you buy a stand up paddleboard, you’re getting so much more than what you bargained for.  According to SUP Magazine and the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, Standup Paddling has grown 120% over the past three years! It’s time to start paying attention to the world’s new favorite, and most adaptable water sport.

Five Great Things To Do On Your Stand Up Paddle Board

When you invest in a Stand Up (SUP), you become more than just a paddler. There are tons of different hobbies you can indulge on a SUP, no matter where you live.

5 Ways To Use Your SUP

1. Sunset/Sunrise Lake Paddle

Don’t go straight from the cubicle to the couch. If you are lucky enough to live near a serene body of water of any shape or size, this is your reminder to take advantage! A sunrise or sunset paddle on a lake’s glassy water can be a spiritual ritual for many. For others, it’s simply a head-clearing stress reliever before or after your shift. In a world that’s only getting busier by the day, there’s something collecting dust in your garage that can easily allow you to disconnect from it all.

2. Surf

Surfing on a Stand Up Paddle BoardSUP surfing is a great alternative to traditional surfboards for beginning surfers and pros alike. For surf lifers, there’s no shame in admitting that riding the same breaks on the same boards for years on years can get stale. Sure, you love the serenity of the ocean and spending time with friends in the water, but you can still do that and put a new twist on your experience with a standup paddleboard. Stand up’s are great for novices because they eliminate the most difficult aspect of surfing, the pop-up. When you’re already standing and a wave hits you, it becomes much easier to understand where you should be positioned and ride it for much longer. Enjoy paddling out past the break on the most versatile board money can buy.

3. Yoga

For many that use paddling as their escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, adding Yoga to the mix takes your chi to the next level. Paddle yoga has a multitude of benefits. For one, it is a better workout than standard yoga because you are forced to engage more muscles to stay balanced. Second, and more importantly, it’s way more fun! There’s always the risk of falling in and having to “embarrassingly” pull yourself back up on the board and start again, but that’s half the fun right there! So once you master your yoga routine on solid ground, feel free to ditch the gym, take it to the water and revel in the unity of body, mind and nature.

Yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board

4. Workout

Paddle yoga, although tough, isn’t even close to the only calorie burn you can find on your board. Paddle workouts are becoming extremely popular for individuals from all walks of life. For example, to train for Southern California's annual Pacific Paddle Games, athletes creatively train for months on end looking to gain an edge. But it’s not just hardcore paddlers who are spicing up the traditional workout routine on the open ocean. Incorporating exercises like squats, calf raises, planks, pushups, and lunges are all fresh twists on classic fat burning workouts that will challenge body and mind. The StandUpJournal provides some great creative SUP-based routines, perfect to enjoy your summer weather, and summer body to the fullest.

5. Fishing 

If the varied benefits of Paddling haven’t hit home yet, if activities like yoga and surfing and generally shedding body fat haven’t persuaded you to close your browser and head immediately to your nearest body of water, maybe Paddle Fishing will. Paddle fishing takes the sport to a whole new level for multiple reasons. First, paddle fishing requires more actual physical endurance. Unless you’re frequently battling oversized Marlin or Tuna on undersized rods for days on end, you’re probably not leaving the fishing grounds feeling like you can afford to scarf down pounds of fresh caught Mahi tacos. But imagine dozing off on your board when a honking yellowfin or bass snatches your bait. You could be pulled right off your board! You have to always be aware and engaged in the present. Many believe paddlefishing is more effective than kayak or shore fishing because you have an advantage in perspective. You can see the fish, kelp beds, sand beds directly below your feet and can position yourself wherever you will have the most success. Nowadays, there are even paddleboards on the market that tailor directly to fishermen. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself soon sourcing dinner from your paddle board.

Five Things to Do on a SUP

At Zero Gravity Racks, flexibility and creativity are two of our guiding principles. Our racks store and organize everything from surfboards to kayaks, snowboards to bikes. If you crave something different in your life, we can wholeheartedly recommend a SUP as a vessel to fresh takes on old hobbies. And to store a SUP at the end of your day on the water, remember that simply racking it is not what’s important, what really matters is finding a solution that truly gets it out of the way.

Zero Gravity Racks is proud to sponsor this blog dedicated to enjoying the outdoors!

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