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How To Get Outdoors This Holiday Season

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Get Outside for the Holidays

The weather outside is frightful….maybe so. But so are the lines at the mall, Holiday-induced credit card bills, and awkward conversations with family members you speak too less often than your neighbor’s cat.

So for the rest of 2017, no matter if you’re training to take the stairs pain free or for a Tough Mudder, make it a priority to enjoy the beginning of this winter season.

Here are some tips to jump-start your outdoorsy side.

1. Give The Gift of Outdoors.

When taking inventory of the litany of people who must be gifted this season, keep in mind each person’s particular interests. I guarantee there’s at least one Outdoorsman or woman on your list. These people are, in my experience, the hardest to shop for. They oftentimes don’t take much pleasure in the material things and would rather take a redwood to the face than doll out a wishlist. But really, just don’t overthink it. What the outdoorsman wants is quality times with loved ones exploring the world around them. Give them coupons for 5 hikes together, they name the time and place and you’ll be there. Send them on a creatively planned scavenger hunt in the mountains nearby. Go Ice Fishing, you supply the beer! These are not your average gifts and gifting someone your time will be more meaningful than any material gift to these nature freaks.

How To Get Outdoors This Holiday Season

2. Take Advantage of The Good Days

Come later February, you’re going to be bumming you didn’t take advantage of the last beautiful, sunshiny days of the year. In December, there’s so much to see that can’t be taken advantage of any other time of year. Have kids? Take them to every amusement park within driving distance. Each one will be celebrating the Holidays in their own unique, memorable way. And slap me if you get less than 10,000 steps in!

For those committed to braving the world of retail, steer clear of big box stores in favor of downtown small-businesses. Shopping small will allow you to a) Get those steps journeying around your town decked-out in Holiday cheer b) Avoid soul-crushing lines and c) find one-of-a-kind gifts you couldn’t at a chain department store. December is just the beginning of winter, and via a Christmas miracle, Fall weather will occasionally creep in and provide an excuse to get out and enjoy the most magical time of the year.

Christmas shop local

3. Finally Get Into Winter Sports

If you’re reading this, chances are you are already aware of the insane benefits associated with Winter Sports like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or cross country skiing. But if you’re a summer-sport purist, it’s high time you reconsider! Not only are all of these activities incredible fat burning workouts, but can also reverse effects of seasonal affective disorder of any magnitude, and be super brag-worthy moments to your friends stuck at the mall or in the office.

At Zero Gravity Racks, we get way into Christmas. Between parties, shopping, eating, wrapping, watching old movies, it’s impossible to get enough. However, sometimes we put things on the backburner that we hold dear this time of year, like getting outdoors and staying active. Even though many across the country have to keep their surfboards, kayaks and SUP’s racked up high this time of year, it’s time you made time to let your snowboards, skis and adventurous spirit run wild this Holiday Season.

Winter Sports at Christmas

Happy Holidays from everyone at the Zero Gravity Racks Family! May you enjoy a wonderful season with the ones you cherish.

Zero Gravity Racks is proud to sponsor this blog dedicated to enjoying the outdoors!

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