The Total ZGR New Year’s Outdoor Resolution Checklist

The Total ZGR New Year’s Outdoor Resolution Checklist

January 04, 2018

Kayaking Goals 2018At Zero Gravity Racks, we believe wholeheartedly in the healing powers of activity. By putting a check-mark next to each of the following resolutions, you will be well on your way to living a rewarding, memorable, and fulfilled 2018. All of the following resolutions are inspired by our diverse customer base, spanning from surfers to kayakers, snowboarders to road cyclists.

Mountain Bike In The Spring, Summer AND Fall

Mountain biking is addicting. There’s no two ways around that. It’s an adrenaline pump a thousand feet tall and a killer workout. It’s a bonding experience with friends, family, and nature itself. Mountain bikers are both outdoor enthusiasts and thrill seekers. Think about how much of your nearest mountain you are able to see on a casual hike? Now, picture that on fast-forward as you’re carving down the mountain at high-speed. If you’re just a novice mountain biker, try to make it out twice this year at least. See how different the mountain looks in the spring, summer, and fall. Try new trails that open up new sightseeing and skill building possibilities. Find your new favorite hobby on full-suspension in 2018.

Mountain Biking in 2018


Kayak In The Pacific Ocean

Seeing that the entire Zero Gravity Rack team are native Californians, we may be a little biased here. Nonetheless, the Pacific Coast in inarguably one of the best areas of the world to explore. Starting in San Diego (our hometown) you can ride the surf in San Onofre, or make friends with a cove-dwelling seal at the La Jolla shores. Next, move up to Santa Monica and catch a more serene glimpse of L.A. Life from the water. The Bay Area kayak scene offers unique breathtaking views of Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge and more. Big Sur, Santa Cruz, The Oregon Coast, we could go on and on. In our opinion, if you’re a kayaker and haven’t made the trip to the Best Coast, it’s high tide you did so.


Ski/Snowboard Swap On A New Mountain

What’s better than a double whammy resolution? Instead of the same vague (get out of my comfort zone) resolution you make every year, why not hit specifics. This year, don’t just ride the same mountains you always ride with the same board you strap into each year. Even though avid snowboarders and skiers will love for Winter to last forever, this isn’t Groundhog Day! If you’re a skier, try hopping on a snowboard. If you’re a snowboarder, grab a pair of skis and really see how the other half lives. Liven up your trips to a new mountain with fresh runs this winter by bringing a different take to your favorite winter sport.

Snowboarding in 2018


Give Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga A Shot

First practiced in the light blue waters of Hawaii in the 1960’s, SUP Yoga has exploded on the mainland over the past 10 years. And not just in the Venice Beaches of the world. What’s great about Paddleboard Yoga is that anyone, anywhere can take their Yoga journey to new levels, whether or not you’re at sea level. Paddleboard Yoga can be practiced even in a backyard pool! If you’re an avid paddleboarder, you need to try this amazing zen-inducing, core-obliterating exercise. Watch a beginner’s video here.

Surf In Paradise

In Southern California, Zero Gravity Racks was founded to solve the problem of too many expensive surf, snow, and SUP boards just laying around Founder and CEO, Mark Canavarro’s garage. He was fed up with taking one wrong step and watching his longboard tumble to the ground, incurring a fresh ding on the tail. Surfing is not just a hobby in coastal California.  Love it or hate it, it’s a way of life. If you’re lucky enough to visit one of the world’s coastal paradise’s this year, don’t let yourself leave without taking your toes to the nose! Oh, and don’t forget to take a lesson. It’s not as easy as they make it look on TV!

Snow Boarding in 2018

Whoo! Writing that makes me want to go unrack a board or bike and go play as soon as I close the laptop. While it’s amazing spending time away from the stresses of work and life while on the mountain or in the water, we easily overlook a place to comfortably store all of our prized, awkwardly big boards and bikes when playtime is over. If this sounds like you, let Zero Gravity Racks get your beloved belongings racked up, securely out of the way for good.

Happy New Year to the entire ZGR community!

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