Trend Hunter - Gravity Defying Storages

Trend Hunter - Gravity Defying Storages

August 30, 2016

By: Misel Saban -

Putting ceiling space to good use are the 'Zero Gravity Racks' that are specially engineered to utilize the space above and transform it into a functional depository. This is thanks to a series of wall-mounted racks that can be angled in a variety of positions, therefore allowing consumers to hang all sorts of things high up on the wall as well as on the ceiling if needed.

With many millennials occupying a home in an apartment, condo or rented space set up, finding storage for items such as bikes, snowboards and other gear can be quite taxing. This is why the 'Zero Gravity Racks' are invaluable as they free up storage space on the floor by moving it to the wall or ceiling. The racks provide a flat and durable space to hold all sorts of sport equipment.

surfboard rack for apartment living


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