HomeCrux - Store Gear Vertically

HomeCrux - Store Gear Vertically

August 18, 2017

In urban cities floor space is at a premium and storing the sporting equipment efficiently in compact modern homes is a tough task for all. California-based designer Mark Canavarro has designed Zero Gravity rack with a new concept of storing your gear vertically to save space at homes. This rack lifts up the hooked sports equipment through an air compression strut and uses the vertical space of the room to store them in an efficient way.

Bike Storage Rack in Apartment

The Zero Gravity rack comes in three versions, varied by their weighing capacity from 29lbs to 50lbs. It includes multiple hooks to attach sporting equipment such as bikes, fishing poles, surfboards, ski, and snowboards, etc. in a safe way. A unique gas strut system is used to lift up or pull down attached items easily. While the gear is up, its safety locks ensure that it doesn’t fall.

Surf Board Storage Rack for Apartment

This rack can be easily installed without any special expertise. Just drill it into the wall and use it as you want. It will help you store your valuables with minimal effort despite its weight. By storing the gear and other items above you, this rack keeps them out of the way. The Zero Gravity rack stores your gear at home in style.

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