About ZGR

Zero Gravity Racks was born from people who love to play, for people who love to play. Founder and CEO, Mark Canavarro, along with Product Designer and son Nick Canvarro, are both California kids. Both are always on the go, always at play, always enjoying their time away from the office to the fullest. Whether it be taking a day trip up to Big Bear in the Winter, or an early morning Surf before work, the Canavarros are seemingly always planning their next outdoor adventure. However, these excursions come with one problem: a lot of crap. Snowboards, skis, kayaks, giant SUP boards, multiple surf boards, different types of bikes. Each easy to love, none easy to store.

One day, while climbing through the obstacle course that is his garage filled with expensive and bulky playthings, Mark puts his hands on his hips and stares, aggravatedly at the ceiling. “It’s empty,” he says to himself. Why continue to stuff the floors and walls with more stuff when you could be utilizing your vertical space? He peered over to his neighbor’s open garage door and saw the same problem; bikes laying scattered, surfboards propped up against walls, waiting to be precariously knocked to the ground. He knew it was time to get it work, to get himself and other adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts organized. By taking your favorite boards and bikes off the side of the wall or floor, up high towards the ceiling, you free up space to finally get organized down below.

Our Zero Gravity Rack utilizes a patented gas strut technology in helping you effortlessly store your gear in high places. Whether you’re ready to park your car in the garage again, or simply clear a little clutter, with a Zero Gravity Rack you can both have your fun and take back your space!

Meet Our Team


The Team at Zero Gravity Bike Racks

Founder and CEO

5 years ago I saw a need in the market for a product that didn’t exist at the time. I couldn't park my car in my own garage because of the clutter and this solution helps people take back their space. Zero Gravity Racks is a brand new patented wall rack for those looking to store their bicycle, surfboard, stand up paddle board or snow board up and out of the way.

Production Manager

Sam and I have been friends for over 20 years. When I started my first company, I recruited him to come in as the GM and he is still running the show. His ability to make and modify just about anything, allowed us to make all of the changes to the prototype until we were happy with the final ZGR garage bike rack model.

Product Designer

Nicholas graduated from Oregon State University in 2015 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He currently runs product development and marketing for Zero Gravity Racks. He has streamlined our production process and automated our manufacturing flow. Nick actually uses a ZGR rack at home to store his surfboards.

Customer Engagement Manager

Max is the newest member of our team and has experience in customer engagement, product design and marketing. He enjoys golf and surfing.