Are you running out of space? Take it back with one of our Zero Gravity Storage Racks. They are perfect for storing bicycles, snow boards, kayaks, surf boards and even stand up paddle boards in tight spaces. Our patented unique gas strut system makes it easy to raise and lower heavy items (US Utility Patent #9504322). Zero Gravity Racks help you protect your property by storing things in a seldom used space... up high. Get your Fixie out of the way with one of our popular bicycle storage racks. Store those snowboards you only use a couple of times a year up high instead of in your closet. Why rent a storage container when you can easily store your kayak above it all using our unique gas strut system? Zero Gravity bike storage racks are an excellent solution for urban living, making room in your garage, reducing clutter and once again becoming the master of your domain!

"Bought a Zero Gravity Bike Rack and use it in my garage for my mountain bike. Before I would always back up into my Trek ding my car and scratch my bike... not good... Doesn't happen anymore I love it!"
Brooke, Oxnard, CA

Bicycle Storage Rack for Urban Living

  • Uses Patented Technology
    (US Utility Patent #9504322)
  • Perfect Space Saver for Urban Living
  • Unique Gas Strut System for Easy Lifting
  • Solid Construction and Simple Installation
  • Store Bicycles, Snowboards, Surfboards and More!