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Testimonials for Zero Gravity Racks

Here's a Few Quotes from Our Customers:

Testimonials for Zero Gravity Surf Board Storage Racks"Bought one and use it in my garage for my mountain bike. Before I would always back up into my Trek ding my car and scratch my bike... not good. Love it so far!"
- Greg W., California

"Perfect bike storage rack for my garage... I can now park my car in it!"
- Kickstarter Backer, Arizona

"Works great in my tiny apartment... I also don't have to lift my bike as high with the gas struts working for me. Worth the price for me because I can now use the wall space under my bike."
- J.D., Washington

"My expensive kayak is now finally out of the way in my garage. Once I load it on the rack it does the rest of work for me. I must have tripped over my kayak 100 times before I bought this... totally worth the cost."
- Mack C., Colorado

"My surfboard is now secured and I don't have to worry about my kids dinging it because they can't reach it. It's up high in my garage and I love it!"
- Mike B., California

"I actually switch the gear I store on it. I put my snow boards up in the summer and my surf board up in the winter. I love the versatility of this storage rack."
- Pete R., California