Stand Up Paddle Board Rack



Our Zero Gravity Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Rack is designed to help you take back your space. With property values rising and space at a premium this SUP Hanger Wall Rack creates more space in a seldom used area... up high. Our unique Patented Zero Gravity gas strut system makes it easy to raise and lower heavy items with minimal effort on your part (US Patent #9504322). This SUP Wall Rack can handle up to 50 lbs and installation only takes a few minutes. Protect your Stand Up Paddle Board and get some more room in your apartment, garage or home. Get that Stand Up Paddle Board out of the way with a Zero Gravity Storage Rack and take back your space!

Note: This product includes Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Rack Mounting Kit and Zero Gravity SUP Rack Lift System.

ZGR SUP Storage Wall Rack Features

  • Newly Patented Technology
    (US Utility Patent #9504322)
  • Perfect Space Saver for Urban Living
  • Unique Gas Strut System for Easy Lifting
  • Solid Construction and Simple Installation
"Needed this rack to protect one of my most expensive toys... my stand up paddle board... it works great!"
- J.C., St. Paul, MN


Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Wall Rack


  • Width: 17"
  • Depth: 9"
  • Height: 33"

Weight Capacity

  • Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Rack: up to 50 lbs

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